Google map improved look

​look, areas of interest

Items on Maps are now easily identified and areas of interest are now added via a shade of orange.

Google Maps now contains “areas of interest” that are covered with an orange shade.

Google on Monday unveiled a new version of Maps that has a cleaner look and incorporates smart areas of interest.
The new look does away with elements that aren’t absolutely required, like road outlines. This allows for more room to display useful information, such as traffic and transit lines. In addition, the typography has been improved to make street names, point of interest, transit stations and so on, more distinguishable from other items on the map.
A new feature called “areas of interest,” not to be confused with “points of interest,” is also part of the update. These areas are covered with a shade of orange and when zoomed in will display the details of each venue. More information of the venue will be revealed with a tap. With this new feature, users can quickly discover surrounding area or even any place in the word just via browsing around Google Maps.

The new corlor scheme of Google Maps.
The latest update also brings in a new color scheme that’s more subtle and balanced. The scheme helps users easily differentiate between man-made or natural features, and quickly identify places like hospitals, schools or highways.
The updated version of Google Maps is available today for Android, iOS and desktop computers.


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